Ready to say “fuck it”?

Does running away with just the love of your life and having an ultimate experience sound way better than a ‘traditional’ wedding? Then this is for you!

What happens when you merge a love of photography and travel together? A very tired creative who is way too hyped on coffee! Just joking, you totally smash the two together and capture epic people in epic locations to show off their epic love. I want people who are so into each other and so into creating the most amazing memories that they choose to make their wedding an adventure, and I would love to come along for the ride to capture all them crazy good times. So I am starting the list small but with big ambition! If you are wanting to run away and have a sick wedding in any of the below locations I wanna hear from you and how I can come along to third wheel it and snap away at the rad times:

  • Vegas!!!!!!

  • Uluru

  • New Zealand

    Keen on jumping on the offer? Hit the button below