Laura & Josh's Birth Story - The arrival of Miss Eva

This is the amazing birth story of Laura & Josh and the magical arrival of Miss Eva.

When I handed over Josh & Laura's maternity photos (you can view them here) Laura mentioned she might be interested in Birth Photography I immediately said "I'm in!"

We discussed it every now and then and knew I was on the call list when it was time.

Friday 5th of June at around 4:15pm Laura lets me know, quite casually may I add, that her contractions are around 10 mins apart, but dont worry that could go on for days! I went into crazy mode and made arrangements for my little one to be watched, packed my bags and paced around the house like a mad woman!!!

Josh then calls me, also very calmly, contractions are now 7 mins apart and they will be going to the hospital once they are 5 mins apart and he will message me.

So this time felt like it went for days but really not that long at all before this amazing text arrived, "just got to the hospital", my god, this was it, this is the moment, Sarah stop losing your shit and get your butt in the car. Sarah breathe!!!! To say I was fucking excited was an understatement!!!

I arrived at the hospital, ran to the front door, calmed myself, walked a couple of steps, then ran down the hallway to the maternity ward, paused at the door to gather my thoughts and calmly waltzed down the corridor ready to do this!

Here I ran into Josh who was returning from getting a heat pack for Laura and showed me to the room where Laura was! Dude, she had some ninja focus, jedi shit going on. Laura casually acknowledge my arrival and went back to her zen! I couldnt believe it!

What flowed from here on in will show in the pictures as I dont believe any words can express how I felt that night.

I witnessed one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, I cried, my hands were shaking and the emotion, strength and raw power that I experienced that night will be something I never forget.

Little Miss Eva made her arrival at 10:30pm weighing in at 8pounds 6ounces and she is every bit the amazingly cute thing I expected from these two.

I can never thank them enough for letting me into this special moment in their lives and these special friends of mine will always have a special place in my heart.

I hope you all enjoy and yes there is nudity, so just deal with it ;)

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