Gus | Newborn Lifestyle Session

Some of you may or may not know I had a studio where I photographed, fiddled, decorated and posed newborns for hours.

I got pooped, peed and spewed on. I shushed, and patted and snuggled and soothed, rocked and hummed and calmed them as they were my own.

I gave advice, got given advice, let mums vent, let dads nap and was always an open ear.

Dont get me wrong as the above sounds a little crazy, I LOVED doing these sessions but I knew I was missing something.

I had written about this before but I feel like this session I am about to share with you simply explain everything in a way words cant.

When you add a crazy little person into your world, your life gets totally thrown upside down. I want you to be at home, comfortable in your own space and I dont care how messy it is!!

I want the siblings to be able to play freely in their own home, so if they are hungry or upset or have toilet anxiety (its happened before) they are in their own space to do as they wish.

This is why I love lifestyle sessions so much. I come to you.

You are everything I need already.

You, your loved ones and your home.

If something is in my way I ask if i can move it. I dont care about the pile of washing lying in the corner, I have one too and I will crop it out of the photos.

If you need to take a 30min break to feed bubs, de-snot the other child and put a new shirt on then thats fine by me.

These images below make me squeal.

These siblings had so much fun playing on Mum & Dads bed being crazy.

Its hard to pose kids, lets be honest. I have had my fair share of meltdowns, bribery and song singing to get some kids to co-operate but this session I just let them go.

They were free to do whatever they liked and it worked. They cuddled, they laughed, they squashed and rolled and this is what we got....

I hope you all enjoy and think about letting me into your home to capture you and your family just the way you are