Lets talk about the Groom!!


I LOVE when clients contact me and are so eager to chat about their wedding day.

I will never tire of the buzz it brings to my day. Come on, people totally in love talking about pretty decorations, gorgeous outfits and their undeniable love for each other, sa-wooooooooooon!!

99% of the enquiries I receive are from the Bride. Guess its a given really.

Then onto the meeting. I always urge the Groom to come along also, its important we all get along and we all gel well (he he that rhymes).

At these meetings I hear so often from the Bride...."Bob, really isn't into photos" "Bob is really shy" "Good luck with Bob" "Bob HATES photos" "Bob is really difficult" - these I can deal with, little does Bob know how awesome I am ;)

(No offence to any Bob's out there!)

But a favourite; "Bob doesn't see the importance of having our photos taken"

Now some photographers would simply say fair enough, then maybe I am not the photographer for you and that is totally fine.



This is when I turn to Bob and ask Bob...

"Ok Bob, I totally get that. So those 'standard photos' aside...how important is it to you to document your day? Your reaction as you see your Bride for the first time? The excitement as she walks down to you and you grab her shaking hand? The way her hair fell just perfectly across her shoulders or the way those flowers made her eyes glow just perfectly? How important is it for you to remember this day just as it was for you to look back on in years to come?"

Bob normally looks at me with a soft smile while his Bride sits patiently waiting to hear the answer with tears welling in her eyes....

(I love creating drama and suspense obviously)

Bob replies "Its priceless"

This is when I jump up from my seat high five Bob and go "Fuck yeah! thats right Bob you god dam legend"

Its priceless peoples!!!

So next time you are having this argument with your partner about any type of photography ask them how important the MEMORIES are, because one day that is all they will be...