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Welcome to Vendor Fridays!

Today we are chatting with Kayla from Kayla K's Make Up


Let’s tell everyone a little bit about Kayla the Make Up Artist
Kayla K the makeup artist is a Napoleon Perdis trained professional - who has gone out to pursue her dreams of being a freelance makeup artist.
This gives me creative freedom and the chance to be grow as an artist.
What is in your handbag?
My handbag is the size of a suitcase !
It has everything I could possibly need to get me from the morning to night.
Lip balm , perfume , makeup , brushes I even carry ballet flats for unexpected nights out

What is your everyday essential make up item?
I try to keep my face fresh through the week, but an everyday essential would have to be Napoleon Perdis Tinted Moisturiser.
Still so light, but gives enough coverage for the day.
Although I must say  the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit has stolen my heart.
As a bride how can I help you when I first enquire
When beautiful brides to be enquire, I would love to know as much as you do!
The date, how many faces I get to paint, the time frame I'm working with, and the look you desire! 
Crap, I don’t know what I want, am I doomed?
You are not doomed, this is where I come in.
I'm happy to show you a variety of classic and contemporary styles.
We can find something to suit you, your dress and your day.
The fun part is deciding what you like! 
Can you make me look like Kim Kardashian?
Now this question is tricky!
I can't perform magic, and I'm not licensed to practice plastic surgery.
So, I can't mimic Kimmy K!
However we can use her makeup as a guide (and that amazing contouring) to create a style that is still you! 

Can the makeup style vary for my bridesmaids?
Of course!
Each bridesmaid can have their individual style shine through via makeup.
We can keep similar tones and shades to bring it all together, while all the lovely ladies stay unique.
How much should I realistically budget for my wedding makeup?
Each and every wedding is different costing wise, and all brides have a different budget for their makeup.
Some bridal parties chip in, while some maids pay for their own!
However costing is all dependant on the number of maids I can get my hands on. 

What is your favourite makeup style?
Ohh my personal fave makeup style would have to be warm tones, strong contour, nude lips, long lashes and wing liner.
It can be toned down for a nice day style, or amped up with deeper tones and an extra long wing for the evening and of course extra lashes!
If you have a wild idea you would love to create, what would it be?
If I have a wild idea - I get straight to it !
I have some beautiful friends and family that are always more then happy to sit down and put their feet up, while we chat and try some new styles!
The next wild idea I would like to try is an American native Indian style makeup deep tones, bronze skin mixed in with some outrageous colours and face paint.
Kayla Kohnenkampf
Kayla K's Makeup
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