Just a thought...

13872341_10201856581932405_840514574_n-2 I wrote this pen to paper.

I needed to feel the words come straight out of my body.

I feel overjoyed, scared shitless and a tad on the crazy side to know the time had come to quit my part time job and dive into Photography full time.

Alot of people didn't even know it existed really, but to now be free of this alien in my life is to now be 100% myself. To dress how I want, look how I like and say what I want is a refreshing feeling.

Knowing I am now fully committed to making my dreams come true.


I have never been afraid of hard work. I have worked hard my entire adult life and dove into my passions 100% my whole life, and now I am working hard for the right reasons.

For me.

I am a fierce business woman and know that there will be tricky days ahead but with my passion and desire for success running though my veins I know I will get to my goals.

So hi, meet Sarah.

Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Adventurous, spontaneous, a tad hilarious and ready to fuck shit up!!!