Mt Hotham

So Mount Hotham...where do I begin?

So this was an epic workshop put together by the talented team at Expsd Adventures where they focus on taking you to extraordinary locations to learn anything and everything. Seriously these guys are open book! We had 4 days of climbing mountains, drinking wine by the fire, eating the most amazing food by The Wilderness Chef and chatting everything photography.

I had never done a workshop before so I was heck nervous. Katie and I started our 8 hours journey so excited and keen for everything!

The information my head took in these 4 days was hectic balls. I even had to pull myself away one night, duck into my room and regurgitate everything into a notebook before it became a ball of mush in my brain. Seriously you should see the notebook hahahahaha, doctors writing aint got nothin on this!

Sharing sunrises and sunsets with the most supportive, inspiring, friendly and open people has warmed my heart. I made some amazing new friends and it has set me on a whole new journey.

If you are wanting an adventure based but intense learning experience then I cant recommend these guys enough.

Here are some of my fave images from my time getting mind fucked!