Sarah Kennedy Photography

Hey I am Sarah.

I am a wife and mother on the beautiful south coast of NSW. I am an out there gal who likes to take photos of people in their most happiest moments. I probably swear too much, make inappropriate jokes every now and again and am pretty random #sorrynotsorry. I like to laugh and dont take anything too seriously. I am an observer and appreciate the beauty of our world. I love to witness love in every shape. I love cuddles, laughter, tears and tender moments. These things dont just apply to my work but to my everyday life. I love to live life to the fullest and am in awe of the amazing experiences and adventures that lie in the everyday.

I also love coffee, John Mayer and short walks on the beach (aint nobody got time for long ones)


I am a person who views the world as an amazing place full of connections and heart explosions.

This is how I capture what I do.


If what you have read floats your boat I would love to hear from you!